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BNP Paribas —

Helping one of the world’s largest banks better serve their largest clients.

The client

BNP Paribas is one of the world’s largest banks, operating in 77 countries and serving more than 30 million users daily.

How did we help?

BB Agency teamed up with SugarCRM to rethink and revamp BNP Paribas’ client management process and employee-facing web app.

We brought a fresh perspective on how to deliver a faster and simpler user experience, and successfully introduced a new user interface to showcase large corporations and their hierarchy in a more modular, user-friendly way.

BNP Paribas website elements

Research and strategy.

Together with SugarCRM, we quickly got up to speed with BNP Paribas’ challenge. Their existing dashboard for sales teams was rigid and slow – preventing them from accurately capturing and managing the complexities of large clients.

Our brief was to give sellers the ability to view client hierarchies, create their own “overlays” on top, and then easily share with other members of the sales team.

Our strategy phase involved solving management and hierarchy issues, planning new modules, and reviewing the whole employee interface.

Combining the brand color scheme with a new take on typography

BNP Paribas color palette
BNP Paribas font
BNP Paribas website on a computer screen

Improving customer relations and sales with client “360” view.

A fast and clear overview of clients makes it easier to act on tasks and ongoing deals.

BNP Paribas website concept by BB Agency

“Our plan was to create a modular design system allowing a seamless cross-device experience. The modules and widgets easily adapt to view port requirements while following a strict rule set in spacing, sizing and visual balance.”

— Filip Justić, Head of Design
BNP Paribas app shown on a phone screen
BNP Paribas website elements
— KPI module
BNP Paribas incoming call simulation
— CTI module version 01
BNP Paribas incoming call simulation
— CTI module version 06
BNP Paribas website elements
— Opportunities module
BNP Paribas customer example
— User

An immersive view of large corporations with modules that prioritize, categorize and group employees based on their sector and location.

BNP Paribas various departments conversation example
— Corporation Hierarchy
BNP Paribas website
List of customers shown on a computer screen

A new “coverage team” feature provides an overview of all employees, clients and their connections.

BNP Paribas website elements
BNP Paribas app shown on a phone screen

A fully responsive environment to easily manage hierarchy structures, clients and contacts.

BNP Paribas App concept and wireframes on papers

We delivered a modular design system in line with BNP Paribas’ brand and image.

— Two level navigation structure
BNP Paribas nav bar
— Custom chart designs
BNP Paribas dashboard various graphs
— Notification and messaging
BNP Paribas website details
— Client management widgets
BNP Paribas website elements

The result

We’re hugely proud of our partnership with SugarCRM, and our role as their external design team.

Thanks to their intuitive research and planning, we were able to get to the right solution quickly – solving specific UX and design issues for one of their largest global clients.

Our services


  • User research
  • Information architecture


  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Design system

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