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Iconosquare —

Redesigning a social media platform from pixel zero.

The client

Iconosquare is a key metrics tool that helps people grow their Instagram and Facebook presence with exclusive insights and best-in-class management tools.

Starting out in France in 2011, Iconosquare now has over ten million users, and serves tens of thousands of agencies and organizations.

How did we help?

They came to BB Agency to design a completely new look for the platform. We delivered a new creative direction, improved the user experience, and designed a fully responsive design system elevating interface design with a clean, content-orientated approach.

Read on to find out about how we re-designed Iconosquare’s user interface.
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BB Agency - iconosquare project

Research and strategy.

We partnered with Iconosquare during a turning point in their business. They had only recently hired and grown their design team, and there was an urgent need for some guidance and improvement. We worked closely with both the design and the development teams to encourage constant communication and lay the foundations of good collaboration patterns.

Detailed research, Q&A sessions and design exploration phases gave us a great foundation for the creative work. User flows in social media management have to be quick and easy to complete, especially as most users are not from a tech background. Our success was in isolating complex user flows and proposing ways they could be simplified and made better.

BB Agency - iconosquare project

BB Agency - iconosquare project

A colour scheme that elevates both the user experience and brand image.

Colour scheme exploration is a key phase during style, brand and language overhauls. Colour can represent different meanings and ideas, and makes a huge impact to the overall visual direction.

It’s all about balancing out the colour use and contrasts. Obviously, readability is important but so is the overall usage and how it makes the user feel within that environment.

We finally settled on a soft blue as the principal colour, with its vibrant counterparts in green, purple, red, orange and yellow.

Read a quick study of colour exploration

BB Agency - iconosquare project

Shaping typography

In the meticulously precise world of dashboard design, where visual balance and readability are the pillars that hold the whole user experience in place, our challenge was to find typography that worked hard. We needed a font family that was unique, yet familiar; funky but not distracting; crafted, yet accessible.

We pushed for GT Walsheim due to its unique rounded precision and ended up using LL Circular due its familiarity.

Creating a design system for the masses.

We wanted to create a breathable, expandable design system that could be used across all devices by more than a million users.

The design language needed to be expressive whilst also in line with standard practices for usability and accessibility.

BB Agency - iconosquare project

An adaptive analytics system showcases social media insights.

BB Agency - iconosquare project
BB Agency - iconosquare project
BB Agency - iconosquare project
BB Agency - iconosquare project
— Post scheduler both on tablet and mobile

The Iconosquare comment feature has a new structure to allow for a seamless transition between the platform and individual social profiles.

BB Agency - iconosquare project

An updated search bar makes it easy to discover relevant influencers.

BB Agency - iconosquare project
— Influencer Profile
BB Agency - iconosquare project
BB Agency - iconosquare project
 — Social profile selector (desktop)
    and comment tracker (tablet)
BB Agency - iconosquare project
— Custom iconography — 24px grid
BB Agency - iconosquare project
— Iconosquare Android app

Visual overhaul of the iOS and Android apps.

We overhauled their existing apps visually by adapting them to the new design language.

We reduced visual clutter by introducing less content, better spacing, stronger contrast and an overall better structure.

BB Agency - iconosquare project
— Log in screen
BB Agency - iconosquare project
— Post comments
BB Agency - iconosquare project
— Overview analytics
BB Agency - iconosquare project
— Compare competitors

The updated visual language makes data input easier, and improves the simplified presentation of that data.

BB Agency - iconosquare project

The result.

In establishing a completely new visual language for Iconosquare and improving their UI, we were able to deliver a new app that looks modern and is easier and more simple to use.

Most importantly, this project brought focus to the importance of design and development teams working successfully together. Through collaboration and communication, we were able to take the big leap from designs and prototypes, to a fully live product – successfully navigating time, budget, and technology constraints. This encouraged everyone to think outside the box and ensure the final product was a major improvement in design and user experience.

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  • Feature improvements
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  • Style exploration
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  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Design system

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