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Termgrid —

Branding a whole new category of debt management.


End-to-end SaaS platform for private capital markets

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London, England


Financial Software

Company size

11 — 50 employees



Services we provided

  • Visual identity
  • UX research
  • Website design
  • Design system
  • CMS integration

The client

TermGrid is a SaaS platform that helps borrowers, lenders and their advisors manage the debt financing process end-to-end.

Not only are they creating a whole new category of debt management, but they’re also trying to automate existing traditional categories and make their use a pleasant experience.

The challenge

TermGrid wanted a consistent and memorable brand with a visual language that would resonate with their customers and serve their marketing team for years.

With clients such as J.P. Morgan, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse, the target group is very specific: capital market experts, private equity investment experts and CFOs have little time as they’ve to juggle many tasks. They’re analytical, overzealous, and a bit impatient with a penchant for social proof. But as a collaboration platform, it must also be responsive to the needs of other participants in the ecosystem, especially lawyers and credit counselors. For all of them, trust and security are paramount as they manage sensitive data.

The solution

After extensive research on the three different user groups, consisting of lenders, borrowers, and advisers, we revised TermGrid’s visual identity and developed a website platform that exclusively addresses these groups and meets their needs.

Termgrid logo
Termgrid design elements
Termgrid design
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Termgrid logo element
Termgrid slogan
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Cutting through the noise

During the discovery process, we identified key factors that could set TermGrid apart from its competitors.

TermGrid operates in a traditionally cumbersome debt management industry. Therefore, their ambitious goal of creating a simple, innovative end-to-end platform also needed to be appropriately communicated through their identity.

A sense of security and novelty were key attributes we wanted to convey for three reasons:

  • to clearly differentiate their brand from the competition
  • to create a brand that reflected their ambitions
  • to convince their target audience that they’re a reliable partner they can rely on to optimize their debt management
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Termgrid brand guidelines
Termgrid website shown on a laptop screen
Termgrid typefaces in action
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The best of both worlds

Termgrid’s clients – over 5,000 capital markets professionals and more than 400 global financial institutions – process some of the most sophisticated transactions through its platform, so the website needs to signal stability, security and trust. At the same time, it needed to offer something new, memorable and unique that would set TermGrid apart from its competitors.

The style is simple, well-structured, and easily digestible, conveying a sense of security. Trustworthiness is represented by a clean layout, serif font, and darker shades of blue for the premium nature of their product. Yellow, blue, and apricot, on the other hand, look innovative and modern, allowing the brand to scale and remain relevant for years to come. The contrasting balance of colors helped us convey TermGrid’s brand values with its novel and secure platform.

From the perspective of UI, knowing the product inside and out was paramount to visually representing its features. This search required thorough research and constant contact with the client, resulting in more than 25 product visualizations for the three user groups.

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Termgird color palette
Termgrid notifications example
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Termgrid design elements
Termgrid dashboards
Termgrid website grids system
Termgrid website

Bespoke WordPress CMS

Powered by WordPress and custom Gutenberg blocks, the new Termgrid website delivers a beautiful visual design that matches the Termgrid brand.

Not only did we design the “core” content blocks included in WordPress, but we also developed custom content blocks. With them, Termgrid’s marketing team can quickly create consistent and visually appealing layouts without relying on developer support.

Termgrid website
Termgrid design elements
Termgrid app shown on a phone screen
Termgride website
Termgrid color palette, typography and spacing
Termgrid website
Termgrid dashboards

The result.

After 4 months of close collaboration with the founders and board of directors, we have successfully launched TermGrid’s new website.

We’re delighted to deliver a full-cycle project, including the research, branding, design, and development of the website, thus setting up the TermGrid marketing team to speed up their growth and build future customer success.


  • Competitive benchmark
  • User personas
  • User flows, and navigation
  • Wireframes


  • Market research
  • Identity development
  • Brand guidelines

Digital experience

  • Creative direction
  • Website design
  • Design system


  • Front-end development
  • WordPress implementation
  • Quality assurance

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