Our Achievements

Explore the results we’ve driven, the testimonials we’ve received, and the clients we’ve helped.

Results we deliver


IMMO’s record-setting $75 million Series B is the largest for a proptech in Europe.


Ternary successfully secured in its Seed Round, following the launch of their new brand, product, and website.


Satisfaction rate achieved during user tests and focus groups for the Progressive Insurance agent quoting app.


200 million daily users relish communicating with their clients using the new Crisp product suite.


Growth in first-time purchases for the Teachable Discover marketplace’s Black Friday launch, an increase from 1.7% to 13%.


Custom products created with Otsuka Pharmaceutical to enhance patient communications.


Total funds raised by ShipBob after the new brand and website launch.


Funds raised by Sendlane in Series A, 8 months after their brand and website launch.


Overall bounce rate decline across Nocode’s new website.


Growth in organic traffic within 2 months of the Justuno website launch.


Boost in scheduled demo calls with qualified leads, 6 months after the new Sendlane website launch.


Reduction in bounce rate on Return Logic’s Pricing page post-website launch.


Brands strategized, designed, and launched in partnership with Wonde.


Decrease in homepage bounce rate within 30 days of ShipBob’s new website launch.


Products we’re researching and designing in collaboration with Kinetik healthcare.


Increase in demo requests, 9 months after the Descartes Macropoint website launch.


Conversion rate growth on the new Wibbitz website, comparing 3 months before and after launch.


Funds raised by ThoughtSpot, with $100m post our collaboration on their product.


Years partnership with Progressive Insurance.


Years of partnership with RocketWagon, working on various brands and products, including Barnes and Noble Colleges.


Following our partnership, Glofox was acquired for $200 million. We’re glad we managed to contribute to their success through the rebrand and new website.


Years of a rewarding tech partnership with Made Renovation.


Funds raised by Ziina after launching the new brand and mobile app with us.


Raised by our partners at Virtuix. We’re glad we managed to contribute with a new brand and website design.


Funds raised by Made Renovation following our collaboration.

Testimonials from our partners

Selected clients

Partnership of over 5 years with Progressive, helping build a quote management system for agents and homeowners.
We worked closely with Crisp’s founding team to design a new mobile app, chat widget, helpdesk, and product.
We’ve worked closely with ThoughtSpot, a big data analytics platform, researching and rejuvenating the product experience.
We’ve refreshed ShipBob’s branding and assisted with website and CMS development, enhancing their $1B-valued shipping logistics offering.
We’ve supported Descartes, a global leader in supply chain solutions, with new visual language and a CMS website for their three sub-brands.
Confidential collaboration where we support AWS with strategic product visioning.
We’re a strategic partner for Wonde, assisting in establishing the family of brands for the school data platform.
We launched Deloitte’s in-house product, Semoss, to simplify big data management.
We’re a strategic partner across three product lines with Kinetik, the US’s largest digitally integrated healthcare transportation network.
We provided a complete rebrand for Torii, highlighting its unique value proposition with new visual identity, tone of voice, and messaging.
We spearheaded a brand transformation for eOne, an integration and automation tool, complemented by a robust CMS implementation and continuous support.
We worked closely with Teachable to redesign and re-engineer multiple product lines. Sold to Hotmart.
We restructured CVMaker’s brand through research and strategy, shaping the identity, platform, and website.
We designed a new identity for Nocode.Tech, a leader in no-code resources and tools.
During our multi-year partnership with Sendlane, we redesigned their brand twice, developed two additional sub-brands, and designed their website, product, and system in Webflow.
Our extensive partnership with Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s innovation department led to the testing and publishing of four healthcare apps.
We partnered with Sugar CRM to create concepts and visuals for BNP Paribas to manage communication with their largest clients, each with more than 150,000 employees.
We modernized Glofox’s visual identity and website to position them as a leading fitness business management software. Sold to ABC.
We crafted a new visual identity and website for Omni by Virtuix, the leading VR treadmill on the market.
In collaboration with Sugar CRM, we helped Audemars Piguet simplify the in-store customer experience.
Rainmaking required a strategic design partner for a new visual identity and a modular website using WordPress CMS.
Our collaboration with Nexudus spanned various products and brands, concentrating on enhancing the user experience of their white-label coworking management platform.
For IMMO, Europe’s leading proptech company, we developed a new visual identity, CMS-backed website, and customer-facing mobile app.
For Justuno, a conversion optimization platform, we developed a systemic, scalable design language and provided a new visual identity, UX research, and a bespoke WordPress CMS.
We’ve collaborated with Rippling’s design team to create new marketing visuals, design systems, and other elements.
The Hub, a Danish platform for growth startups, partnered with BB Agency to digitize and unify its brand, website, and app into a more immersive and dynamic experience.
We drove Refersion’s complete rebranding, website design, and WordPress CMS development.
We crafted a new brand strategy, illustration package, and website for NuxtJS, reflecting the natural elements of the Pyrenees mountain ranges.
Our multi-year tech partnership with Made Renovation supported the build of all user-facing touchpoints for the San Francisco-based bathroom remodeling company.
We aided Ternary, the cloud cost optimization platform, in launching the MVP with a new brand, website, and app.
We acted as SugarCRM’s external design team, innovating features and interfaces for various international clients.
We assisted Yellow in its US market entry, crafting a new brand image, honing a communication strategy, and launching a revamped website.
We developed a new name, trademark, brand, and visual language for Enode, the comprehensive solution for intelligent strength training.
We partnered with Dubai-based payment platform Ziina, supporting the successful launch of their new brand, mobile app, and website, culminating in a seed investment round.
We designed a new visual identity, website structure, and mini-design system for Collectbase, the world’s largest trading cards platform.
We provided TLC to Kaspersky’s enterprise marketing pages, offering design and creative direction in partnership with Convertiv to reach new customers.
We helped rebrand and design Material UI’s new website, a popular React UI framework from France.
We were a design partner to Iconosquare, assisting in the new brand, visual language, website, dashboard, and mobile apps.
We helped Gorgias, the customer service platform, by crafting a new visual language for their website and chat widget.
We guided interface and experience design for Spec to help them launch and maintain their products.
We branded TermGrid, a SaaS platform that streamlines the end-to-end debt financing process for borrowers and lenders.
We designed the future of cloud cost optimization with ProsperOps, a fully autonomous platform for AWS savings.
We provided Wibbitz a holistic rebrand for their complete product suite, including a new website and a bespoke WordPress CMS. Sold to Vimeo.
We sculpted a new visual identity and character palette for Mimo, an e-learning platform committed to democratizing development accessibility.
We conducted rigorous research, user testing, and revamped the user flow, culminating in a fresh design language and system for the HR platform, all within an 8-month window.
Our partnership with Ocho empowered the wealth management platform to transition from seed stage and beyond, fortified by a new brand, website, and continuous support retainer.
We rejuvenated ReturnLogic’s visual identity, optimized its user experience, and revamped its website with a fresh design and CMS.

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