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A smarter way to train

Training apps are everywhere, but training apps can’t know how an athlete feels on a given day. Overtraining and overstressing are real problems, so Enode had an idea – create training recommendations and goals based on analyzing your movement data.

Enode previously existed as Vmax, working mostly with athletes and fitness studios in Germany and some areas of the US. They were ready to make a big leap and expand to new markets with a completely new brand to reach their goals. So we gave them a hand – a new name, visual identity, UI redesign, animations, and the legal protections to raise the bar and make their brand equally good as their app.

The name of the game

Getting a new name right for an existing brand is hard work. From the endless possibilities we had, we scouted the market and looked for new concepts. In a market full of strong, powerful, and maximal names, we leaned for options that rely on accuracy, measurement, and movement analysis. In addition to the brand name, we had to look for labels for their sub-products. Vmax, an app you can use in your Apple Watch to track and coach your performance in the gym, and Vmax Pro, an enhanced version of the app meant for professional athletes and trainers. Vmax Pro features a device you can attach to training equipment to give you the most precise measurement and recommendations for optimal performance, which is another moving piece of this branding puzzle.

After extensive research and approaches we could have, from acronyms to evocative or even invented names, we decided to go with Enode. Inspired by the Latin word “enodo,” which means to unknot, untangle, elucidate, and explain. We reached for a name that succinctly defines the brand’s purpose – to untangle and reveal the complexities of the working of a human body in the data that is valuable for both trainers and trainees.

Subsequently, we named each product – Enode One for the sole trainer and Enode Pro for coaches and elite athletes.

Building the body

From shying away to taking the spotlight – to ensure Enode has a successful launch and keeps at it, we focused on providing them with a comprehensive package of branding materials.

To build up their brand identity and make it agile yet sturdy, we created a solid and potent logo that retains the flexibility of movement to make it feel organic and keep it flowing. We also devised an energetic color palette, including striking orange and acid yellow, grounded by deep greens and blacks. For the typeface, we choose a modern option that expresses precision and accuracy in its overall geometry while keeping the rhythm and flow.

Movement is a key element of the product. Variations in movement can have a serious impact on how users perform.

To better instill the idea of movement and control over your performance, we created an animated icon library and body map visualizations to help users identify more than 40 exercises and their targeted muscles. Giving users the autonomy and visibility of their workout routine.

The brandbuilders

Enode Apps are a crucial part of their product. The redesign process had to be perfect, so we worked closely with the Enode Team, and through a creative approach, fresh ideas, and a lot of testing, we made sure that their new brand was highly recognizable on every screen! But, we also had to make sure that the information and data provided by the app were clear and intuitive for the users, and we did just that through a collaboration of our branding and UI team – in the end, the judges gave it flying colors!

Putting a mark on it

Just as each training session has a goal to improve your physical fitness, every design we do aims to reach new heights – both for the brand and BB agency. With Enode, we challenged ourselves and dove into a process of legal protection for the wordmark and figurative elements for various markets.

Thanks to Enode for giving us the opportunity to work on this amazing app – check it out here.

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