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We are a remote team with members and collaborators working together from all over the world to provide a valuable global perspective on our work.

We are strategists, researchers, creatives, and engineers partnering with design leaders of tech brands and growing businesses to create simple, useful, and scalable digital solutions.

If you’re looking for an agency that nurtures a strong remote culture, you’ve come to the right place. We hire for openness, willingness to learn, and a curious nature. If you like to work in teams that value great work over loud voices, get in touch.

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Anna Meleshina - Product Design Team Lead at BB Agency
Don Gepulango - Senior Web Developer at BB Agency

Current openings

If you think you might be a good fit for our team, we’d love to hear from you! If you don’t find a suitable position, you can still apply here.

Guiding principles

Get a sense of what’s it like working at team BB.

Our mission.

We’re on a mission to make what is digital more human. Living in a digital age, people’s experiences can sometimes feel quite disconnected. That is why our work values the human connection and always has users as the focal point.

Get your hands dirty.

Build things, try things, break things, make them better and keep learning. Test your ideas on real people, and use the latest tools. We empower our team to solve problems creatively and have fun doing it.

Make things that matter.

Our clients are not sexy — but they make the world go round. If you get excited by building tech that really changes people’s lives, you’ll thrive on team BB. Our team are passionate about solving sticky problems for healthcare, communications, media and infrastructure technology. You’ll get to challenge yourself and use your brain in completely new ways.

Be heard.

We’re a young and agile company and try to maintain a flat hierarchy. We want our team to get a say in how we do things, and feel a sense of ownership. We’ll expect and rely on you to keep everyone on their toes. We empower you to bring your ideas to the table, improve our processes and take initiative for building the kind of agency you want to work for.

Win back some life.

One of the perks of our remote team is that we genuinely trust you to get your work done. Because, well, you’re an adult! We accommodate flexible working schedules and a liberal vacation policy, so you can find a balance that works for you.

Employee spotlight

Check out the daily lives of people working and breathing BB culture.

Adrian Morić - UX Design Team lead at BB Agency
Adrian Morić Croatia flag
UX Design Team Lead
Adrian Morić
UX Design Team Lead , Croatia

My current role at BB Agency is UX Design Team Lead. I would describe my work as the entry point of the project. Basically, we research, create reports, create wireframes and present those to the client.

Adrian Morić - UX Design Team lead at BB Agency

My work day looks like this:


7 – 7:30am – Wake up and freshen up

7:30 – 8:00am – Start the day with a tea or coffee

8:00 – 8:45am – Take my dog Bilbo for a walk

9am – Check the latest news and get inspired by Medium and Linkedin


10am – Start working with a soundtrack from Spotify

Noon – Company meeting where we go through all the projects and see what everyone is working on

1pm – Grab some coffee or lunch with a colleague


1:30pm – Start my second block of work for the day. As a UX Specialist I can be working across everything from Github to Figma

5:30pm – Finish work and spend the evening with my wife and playing with my daughter

Any advice on how to stay productive while working remotely?

— Keep office hours even from home
“I find it easier to focus, be effective and maintain a work/life balance when keeping “office hours”. When the lockdown started, the lack of routine was the biggest hurdle for me due to working from home.”

Tomislav Jozić - React Team Lead at BB Agency
Tomislav Jozić Croatia flag
React Team Lead
Tomislav Jozić
React Team Lead , Croatia

My role in BB Agency as React Team Lead implies involvement in all application planning and development phases. Also, as team lead, I’m responsible for team organization and management.

Tomislav Jozić - React Team Lead at BB Agency

My work day looks like this:


7am – Wake up around 7, I scroll the Internet and read the news

7:30am – Time to get out of bed and feed my pets. Also, time for coffee, breakfast and walk with my dog

9am – Getting to office, time for checking emails, client updates, and checking in with the team


12pm – Time for a company wide check-in meeting

12:30pm – Break time. Coffee or brunch with a work colleague

1pm – My “in-zone” time, this is when most of the work gets done

5pm – Time for a daily client meeting/standup


5:30pm – Wrap up the work day!

6pm – Relax time. After dinner, I usually take long walks or spend time with my guitar

7:30pm – At this time, I usually hang out with friends, pets, read, and watch Netflix with the love of my life

Any advice on how to stay productive while working remotely?

— Setting the boundaries
“Today, work is likely to invade your personal life — and I try to keep my boundaries between work and home as clear as possible.”

Wesley van 't Hart - Senior UI Designer at BB Agency
Wesley Van’t Hart Netherlands flag
UI Design Team Lead
Wesley Van’t Hart
UI Design Team Lead , Netherlands

My job title says Senior UI Designer, at BB Agency that basically means that I’m responsible for making digital products look pretty, but with a systematic and scalable approach.

Wesley van 't Hart - Senior UI Designer at BB Agency

My work day looks like this:


8:30 am – Waking up, making breakfast, and getting ready for the day.

9:30 am – Quick morning stretch, check all the notifications, and plan out the workday.

10:00 am – Mostly the time I open up Figma and start designing.


12 am – Time for the daily BB meeting where we check in on every project.

12:30 am – Taking some time off for lunch and unloading the brain.

1 pm – Back to work, design a new marketing site for a SaaS brand or any related design tasks.

3:00 pm – Taking a short break for a small meal, step away from the computer for a bit, and see if the cat is somewherearound?

5:00 pm – Depending on the day and project, this is usually when we have one of the weekly client meetings to go through all the work we did.


6 pm – Time for dinner and leisure time, which is most of the time reading, gaming, an episode of the Office, or just taking it easy.

8.30 pm – Heading to the gym for my daily workout routine after a day of sitting.

10:30 pm – Being a night owl, this is the time where I am most creative, pick up work again, or work on some side things?

0:30 am – Signing off and getting ready for bed.

Any advice on how to stay productive while working remotely?

— Limit distractions during work time.
“It’s easy to get distracted by non-work-related things when working from home. Dividing my workday into blocks of 2/3 hours and having clear rules on things like when to use my phone, social media, the news helps me to stay focused.”

Maintaining a culture across the globe.

BB Agency employees on a Zoom call

Working remotely

For us, remote work is fundamental to our business model and our way of life. We have globally scattered teams collaborating across time zones while maintaining a physical office on the Island of Krk, Croatia. This works for us because we take the time to build long-term relationships, only working with people that align with our core values and company culture.


Communication is integral to running a successful remote creative team. We’ve found that transparency, clear expectations, and constant communication are the pillars of successful teamwork. We’ve integrated daily stand-ups, monthly 1-on-1s, design talks, multiple checkpoint meetings, and culture meetings where we get together as a team and talk.

Diverse team

Our remote model allows for greater diversity than that of the traditional workplace. All that matters to us is finding the best person for the job, unhindered by geography. Our team represents 10+ nationalities working together from all over the world.

Work-life balance

Our team has the freedom to work flexible hours and maintain a healthy work-life balance. At BB, we uphold Monday to Friday 40-hour workweeks, off days on national holidays, and vacation time to spend with your friends and family. A happier and less stressed team breeds creativity, leading to better results for our clients.

BB Agency employees
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We’re an international agency with a global workforce, and open to talent from every culture and background.

With human-centric design at the core of our principles, we depend on the varied perspectives and life experiences of our team to help us build products for the many.

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