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Small (11-49 employees)


Aligning Creatd’s visual identity with their mission

When Creatd, a Nasdaq-listed holding company known for empowering creators and brands through technology and data-driven innovation, approached BB Agency, they were seeking expertise to realign their brand strategy, visual identity, and design language.

Their ambitious project encompassed crafting a new identity, design system, website, investor portal, marketing collaterals, and email templates.

Creatd, with its diverse portfolio, was a vibrant ecosystem for over 800,000 creators worldwide, providing a platform for creative expression and storytelling. The primary objective was to ensure the company’s visual identity resonated with its mission, making it easily comprehensible to shareholders and its vast audience

A flexible pathway for strategic growth

The project unveiled a critical challenge: a misalignment between the stakeholders’ vision and the existing communication pillars—tech, agency, ecommerce incubation, and transmedia production.

The immediate step was to onboard a communication strategist to redefine the strategy, realign the stakeholders, infuse creativity, and set a new course. With a redefined communication strategy in place, we embarked on rejuvenating Creatd’s visual identity.

A custom, yet understated wordmark was introduced, striking a balance between a strong standalone identity and seamless integration with sub-brands. This rebranding effort extended to a new color scheme, patterns, typography, and more, ensuring flexibility for future growth.

Structure and system as the building blocks of strategy

Our UX team meticulously restructured the website’s navigation and information architecture, setting the stage for our UI team to craft a new design language. This comprehensive system was seamlessly integrated into the new Webflow website developed by our team. The investor portal was also revamped, ready to showcase Creatd’s refreshed identity and communication strategy.

The Results

Unforeseen market conditions drastically shifted Creatd’s priorities, halting the launch of their new website and the broader rebranding initiative. This pause meant that the extensive work and collaboration might never reach its intended audience.

Despite this, we believe in the value of our collaborative effort and the potential impact it could have had. By presenting this case study, we aim to honor the hard work and vision that went into the project, giving it the acknowledgment it deserves.

How did we help?


  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual identity

Interface Design

  • UI Design
  • Design System
  • Webflow Website

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