From Croatian shores to global frontiers

We’re an agency founded on the belief that challenging core assumptions unlocks transformative solutions. From our humble beginnings on Island Krk to a global team spanning multiple nationalities, we defy expectations, guided by focus and determination to do our best work.

We believe in learning through doing, embracing the road less traveled, and continually striving to improve. Open communication and mindful listening guide our approach, ensuring we understand, adapt, and push forward in everything we do.

Our Values

Through the years, we have been shaped and formed by both successes and failures.

Challenge Core Assumptions

At the heart of our journey lies this singular idea. We believe that by bravely questioning our own and our clients’ assumptions about their brand, website, and product, we can uncover new solutions and ideas. While some might assume we could not run a thriving digital agency from a Croatian Island, we continue to challenge this particular assumption every single day.

Learning Through Doing

We approach every problem with an open mind, and sometimes finding the best solutions means taking the road less traveled. Embracing experimentation, venturing into the unknown, or even stumbling occasionally is all part of the process. Because every step, even the missteps, deepens our understanding and hones our craft. Learning by doing—it’s how we grow.

Focus and Determination

When we say yes to a project, it’s because we truly believe in it. Our commitment means giving it our all, every time. If there’s a way to improve, streamline or make something better, we’ll pursue it, even if it means stepping out of our comfort zone. For us it’s not about meeting expectations, it’s about our determination to create something that truly resonates with people.

Listen Smart

We take an open-door approach to communication, with both our clients and each other. Every voice is important, and we’re never too busy to listen. To us, listening smart goes beyond just hearing words—it means understanding without barriers of ego, being mindful to perspectives and insights, and always being open to change and growth.

Our Team

We are the remote-natives

Filip Justić Head of Design Croatia
Darko Stanković Product Designer Serbia
Don Gepulango React Developer Philippines
Adrian Morić UX Design Team Lead Croatia
Emma Doležal Junior HR Specialist Croatia
Marino Šamanić Head of Development Croatia
Wesley Van’t Hart UI Design Team Lead Netherlands
Dominik Kosić WordPress Developer Croatia
Eliana Martínez Brand Designer Spain
Dalibor Rist Web Developer Croatia
Ana Belić Social Media Specialist Croatia
Alex Sošić Account Manager Croatia
Marko Đaković Project Manager Serbia
Giuseppe Carbonara UX Researcher Italy
Miloš Savuljić Junior UI Designer Serbia
Barbora Kratochvilová UI Designer United Kingdom
Vicente Reyes Montealegre Brand Design Team Lead United Kingdom
Matej Justić Chief Executive Officer Croatia
Vedran Starčić Project Manager Croatia
Ivan Lucić UX Designer Croatia
Anna Meleshina Product Design Team Lead Portugal
Julia Martinez Conte Brand Designer Spain
Luka Dugi Senior HR Specialist Croatia
Mike Muller Product Designer Czech Republic
Giannis Koulouris WordPress Team Lead Greece
Tomislav Jozić React Team Lead Croatia
Bojana Zvijerac Copywriter Croatia
Katarina Jozić Project Management Team Lead Croatia
Aleksa Bukvić Motion Designer Serbia

If you like to work in remote teams that value great work over loud voices, we’d love to hear from you!

BB in numbers


The agency was founded in 2012 by two brothers on the beautiful Island of Krk, Croatia.


Creative thinkers and engineers, all collaborating to make a positive impact on our collective future.


Nationalities within our agency, providing a valuable global perspective into our work.


Funds raised by our clients in the past decade. We like to think we had a small part to play in their successes.


Daily users impacted through the products and brands we’ve helped shape.


We’ve had the privilege of working on over 500 projects throughout the years.

We’ve had the privilege of working on over 500 projects throughout the years.

Our Clients

We partner with ambitious brands, big and small.

Partnership of over 5 years with Progressive, helping build a quote management system for agents and homeowners.
We worked closely with Crisp’s founding team to design a new mobile app, chat widget, helpdesk, and product.
We’ve worked closely with ThoughtSpot, a big data analytics platform, researching and rejuvenating the product experience.
We’ve refreshed ShipBob’s branding and assisted with website and CMS development, enhancing their $1B-valued shipping logistics offering.
We’ve supported Descartes, a global leader in supply chain solutions, with new visual language and a CMS website for their three sub-brands.
Confidential collaboration where we support AWS with strategic product visioning.
We’re a strategic partner for Wonde, assisting in establishing the family of brands for the school data platform.
We launched Deloitte’s in-house product, Semoss, to simplify big data management.
We’re a strategic partner across three product lines with Kinetik, the US’s largest digitally integrated healthcare transportation network.
We provided a complete rebrand for Torii, highlighting its unique value proposition with new visual identity, tone of voice, and messaging.
We spearheaded a brand transformation for eOne, an integration and automation tool, complemented by a robust CMS implementation and continuous support.
We worked closely with Teachable to redesign and re-engineer multiple product lines. Sold to Hotmart.


Maintaining a culture across the globe

Our agency is a global network of creative minds, each embracing their unique culture and infusing it into their work. From tranquil island shores to the heart of urban landscapes, our team’s diverse backgrounds come together to shape our holistic approach. Our remote culture fosters openness, a willingness to learn, and a curious nature.