BB’s expert b-day bash: Unwrapping 11 years of know-how

Now that we’re well into our second decade of creativity, disruption, and expertise, we figured the best way to celebrate would be by giving back to our creative tribe. As real-world problem solvers, action-takers—and at times, troublemakers (especially when we see an opportunity to challenge some core assumptions)—we’ve cracked open a birthday piñata full of trade tricks! Read on to see what kinds of treats we shared.

The As to your Qs: Spotlighting the experts behind the craft

You asked, our experts answered. 

Following the curiosity trail, we’re bringing you a glimpse into BB’s world. Our experts stepped up, turning our birthday into an open book of professional tips and insights. We singled out five questions we deemed useful to our entire community. Here’s what we discussed. 

When it came to pinpointing the ideal client, Filip Justić, our Head of Design and one of our founders, laid out our agency’s preference clear. “The magic unfolds in collaboration, valuing design, acknowledging that impactful results are brewed over time,” he noted, underscoring the significance of a synergistic partnership.

As for projects, it’s not just about the output but the imprint we leave. “Engaging from discovery to delivery allows us to craft an impact, giving us the space to innovate and ensure every facet shines,” Filip elaborated.

Delving into our design methodology, Filip emphasized the bespoke nature of our workflows. “It begins with listening—understanding pain points, aspirations, and goals. This empathy extends into our UI work, from moodboarding to meticulous design development, culminating in a coherent system ready for tech integration.”

On branding dynamics, Eliana Martínez, our Brand Designer, painted the picture of our ethos. “Brands are about the resonance they hold, the narratives they weave, and the emotions they evoke.” Our integrated team approach, she explained, is pivotal, “breaking siloes to deliver an authentic, inspiring identity across all touchpoints.”

In response to a technical query on web development, Giannis Koulouris, our WordPress Team Lead, outlined the skills essential for crafting websites at our caliber. “To craft the kind of dynamic layouts that BB is known for, a strong grasp of Flexbox and CSS Grid is essential. But the expertise doesn’t stop with CSS. Proficiency in WordPress is crucial—you should be adept at creating custom post types and utilizing actions & filters. And in this Gutenberg era, familiarity with React is key to developing custom Gutenberg blocks.”

Lastly, Filip returned to demystify the ideal portfolio, focusing on storytelling through process. “The story behind the design is as compelling as the design itself. Show us the journey, the role you played, and the thought process that led to your final piece.”

Our Q&A fiesta might be over, but the insights shared are timeless. You can head over to our Instagram profile and rewatch the stories. Feel free to take these wisdom bites and let them guide your creative endeavors.

Live session recap: Vicente’s deep dive on crafting portfolios and acing interviews

By popular demand, our Brand Design Team Lead, Vicente Reyes Montealegre, delivered an insightful session on how to perfect a portfolio and master interview techniques. Here are the key takeaways:

Portfolio essentials

  • Keep your portfolio updated; it’s a continual work in progress.
  • Select projects that align with the job and agency you’re applying to.
  • For juniors: Show a diverse skill set and fresh perspectives.
  • For seniors: Demonstrate complexity, impact, and a capacity to innovate and lead.
  • Organize your portfolio to tell a compelling story through context, process, and result.

Presenting yourself

  • Introduce yourself clearly with basic info—name and contact details.
  • Be mindful of the social media profiles you link; they contribute to your personal brand.
  • Avoid language errors and ensure all links are functional.
  • Tailor your cover letter and CV to the job description, showcasing adaptability.

The power of context

  • For each project, describe the brief, your role, the skills utilized, and the impact made.
  • Credit collaborators and highlight teamwork.
  • Use mockups and behind-the-scenes material to provide a window into your creative process.

Interview strategy

  • Punctuality and technical readiness set the stage.
  • Select key projects to discuss; share the narrative from challenge to solution.
  • Communicate your problem-solving approach and passion.
  • Ask insightful questions to demonstrate maturity and engagement.

Essentially, it’s not just about the work; it’s about showing who you are and how you fit into the team. Your story, from initial concept to final solution, reveals the unique value you bring to the table.

Zhuzhing it up: Sharing secrets to a stand-out portfolio

And at last but not least, we called on creatives to showcase their work. Over 30 portfolios landed in our inbox, boasting a vibrant mix of Branding, UI, and UX talent. It’s been an eye-opener to the diverse presentation styles, from sleek PDFs to dynamic Figma showcases. 

The standouts? Those who mastered their story’s flow from start to finish. However, we did notice a trend: many missed essential marks discussed in our live session, like clear contact details and contextual depth. It’s a reminder that the devil is in the details, and those details can turn a good portfolio into a great one.

11 years, a growing community of like-minded creatives

And that’s a wrap on our 11th birthday bash! It’s been a blast peeling back the layers of design secrets and digging into your questions. From live insights to portfolio pow-wows, we’ve turned the spotlight on you, our creative tribe. Keep those portfolios flashy and your ideas sassy. 

Here’s to another year of challenges, breakthroughs, and, of course, epic design wins. Stay tuned, stay creative, and don’t be strangers—BB’s always here for another design adventure.


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