Crisp app mockup on phone screens by BB Agency

Crisp —

Designing a new mobile experience for the all-in-one messaging platform


The all-in-one multichannel messaging platform that connects companies & customers.

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Nantes, France


SaaS, Messaging platform

Company size

6 — 10 employees



Services we provided

  • Mobile app design
  • Design system

The client

Crisp is on a mission to enhance how companies and customers interact. It’s an all-in-one multi-channel messaging service that centralizes conversations into one inbox so you can provide the best customer service with ease.

Built by a small team in Nantes, France in 2015 today it’s used by over 200,000 brands from all over the world. With advanced features like live translation, personalized messaging, contextual contact insights, and guided videos it’s accessible to both large companies, and solo business owners.

The challenge

Crisp’s desktop version is considered one of the best messaging apps on the market. Founders Baptiste and Valerian felt that the company was yet to match this accolade on mobile — so BB Agency came onboard to help.

As a people-first digital agency we understood Crisp’s position on the market. We needed to make sure that the visuals and messaging experience on their iOS and Android applications resonate with its worldwide user base.

The solution

Our plan to upgrade the existing applications was to create a new visual language that represents Crisp as a modern and pioneering messaging app. We accompanied the visuals with a comprehensive native-based module system.

Crisp logo
Crisp icon shown on a phone screen next to the other apps
Crisp typeface
Crisp new system colors
Crisp app mockup conversation shown over a woman holding a phone
Crisp app mockup on a phone screen by BB Agency

New mobile experience.

We overhauled the existing mobile app with both native and custom solutions to ensure the new version was compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. We collaborated heavily with the Crisp team to ensure the new design would resonate with its worldwide audience. This involved focusing heavily on spacing, typography and colour systems for improved user experience which also maximised function.

To ensure the mobile app experience was intuitive for existing users of the desktop app, we implemented the same features in the new environment. We achieved this by redesigning and restructuring everything from live chat, to real-time video calls, customisable chat boxes, to multilingual support and live translation.

Crisp app mockups shown on phone screens
Crisp app mockup shown on a phone by BB Agency next to an apple watch and laptop
Crisp app conversation mockup by BB Agency
Crisp app mockup
Crisp call mockup on a phone screen
Crisp app mockup conversation shown over a man holding a phone
Crisp custom illustrations by BB Agency
Crisp app call mockup
Crisp app mockup shown on a phone by BB Agency
Crisp app shown on phone screens
4 — Successful projects completed in 2 years with Crisp.
We have enjoyed working with BB for years now. We’ve worked together on redesigning our complete product offering, including mobile apps, chat widget, helpdesk, and web app. Our collaboration has been effortless as they can provide excellent solutions with minimal direction and feedback, almost like having an internal team, as they have a great understanding of what we’re trying to build here at Crisp.
Crisp person avatar example
Baptiste Jamin Founder and CEO at Crisp

The results

Using a very agile and collaborative process we successfully delivered the new visual language and mobile experience within 6 weeks of starting the project. We look forward to seeing how our shared vision of the new Crisp messaging platform will help connect companies and customers worldwide.

Our services

User Experience Design

  • UI Design
  • Design system

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