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Transportation & Logistics

Waterloo, US


Enterprise (1000+ employees)


$8.18 billion (2024)

Public Company

Embarking on a digital journey with Descartes

Descartes MacroPoint
Pioneering transformation in supply chain logistics by enhancing visibility, allowing businesses to navigate complex landscapes with ease.

Descartes Aljex
Specialists in freight technology, crafting solutions for freight brokers, spanning from Truckload and LTL shipping to real-time analytics.

Descartes Visual Compliance
Delivering a suite of regulatory and trade compliance solutions, streamlining businesses operations both locally and globally.

In the vast world of global trade, digital presence is paramount. For all three brands, the challenge was not just a redesign, but an evolution of their online identities without losing their core visual essence. More than aesthetics, understanding the heartbeat of each brand’s core business was crucial.

Together, we embarked on a comprehensive journey, revamping their websites with detailed market research, strategic content, intuitive design, and a supportive CMS tailored for Descartes’ growth-centric marketing teams. Our collaborative approach mirrored Descartes’ own precision and broader vision.

Curious how a design agency and an enterprise collaborated to achieve shared goals? Dive in!

Introducing a new Descartes MacroPoint

Together with Descartes MacroPoint, we embarked on a mission to modernise their digital presence. Our collaborative journey encompassed a new design language, the UX process from discovery to build, refining web copy to enhance user engagement, and introducing a fresh UI for around 40 pages. Central to our efforts was a tailored WordPress CMS Development.

In our partnership, research was paramount. Drawing from MacroPoint’s leadership in supply chain logistics, our combined insights molded a website that was both intuitive and informative.

Design and Experience
In terms of design, aligning with Descartes Group’s identity was key. While preserving the essence of the original brand, we introduced a design language that was consistent, systematic, and set MacroPoint apart from its competitors.

Metrics like bounce rates guided our revamp, emphasizing clarity and engagement. By making content more concise and compelling, we aimed to optimize user experience and performance.

Paving the way for Descartes family of brands

Following the successful launch of the refreshed, CMS-backed website, both Descartes Aljex and Visual Compliance expressed interest in a similar transformation.

As we embarked on these new projects, our dual focus became clear: visually, it was to ensure consistency across the sub-brands, and technically, to craft user-friendly environments that facilitated a seamless CMS transition for their marketing teams between brands.

Charting new digital horizons with Aljex

Diving into the unique realm of the freight industry, Descartes Aljex posed distinct challenges. While our initial discovery and research phase laid the foundation, it was clear Aljex would be a unique journey, albeit with its own set of challenges.

Aljex’s Digital Presence
Driven by Aljex’s core – the freight industry, we pondered: How do we encapsulate the essence of freight while ensuring user engagement? Our answer: break the mold. Our designs opted for a modern, open layout, ensuring that order and structure resonated with every click, reflecting the precision Descartes Aljex promises.

Beyond Development
Development for Aljex wasn’t just about coding. Drawing inspiration from freight containers, we infused the site with graphical elements. Recognizing the dynamic nature of freight, we integrated a customizable generator into their backend, allowing the team to modify the layout, colors, and sequence effortlessly.

Transforming Visual Compliance’s digital footprint

Upon successfully revamping two of Descartes’ brands, it was time to transform the third: Descartes Visual Compliance.

Operating in the intricate world of global trade regulations, Visual Compliance offers clients nearly foolproof regulatory and trade compliance solutions. Their comprehensive services demanded a meticulously designed interface. Plus, with their robust focus on education and research, the website needed space for articles, interviews, and publications.

Crafting the Visual Compliance Experience
Drawing on our experiences with MacroPoint and Aljex, we commenced with stakeholder discussions, diving deep into the UX research phase. Equipped with insights, we fashioned an architecture tailored to Visual Compliance’s extensive content.

Collaborating closely with the client, our copywriters distilled years of Visual Compliance’s contributions into sharp, clear content, while our designers tackled a fresh challenge. The objective? Integrate the visual identity of Descartes, MacroPoint, and Aljex, yet infuse a distinct flair for Visual Compliance. Exploring subtle differentiators and emphasizing the brand’s unique positioning, we unveiled a design that now epitomizes the Visual Compliance digital identity.



Increase in Conversion Rate one year after launching Descartes MacroPoint website.


Drop in “Homepage” Bounce rate one year after launching Descartes MacroPoint website.


Successful launch of 3 sub-brand websites within 1 year of starting our partnership.

Sealing the partnership with technical flexibility

Completing redesigns for three major brands within the Descartes umbrella was an immense achievement. However, the journey didn’t end with the visual overhaul.

Our agency specializes in crafting custom WordPress CMS solutions. Creating bespoke administrator experiences from scratch offers unmatched flexibility and ensures the final product is tailored perfectly to the client’s needs.

To facilitate a smooth transition, we organized training sessions detailing the functionalities of the new websites. Beyond the handover, we conducted thorough quality assurance checks and remained available for support, ensuring that any concerns or adjustments were promptly addressed. Thankfully, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, allowing us to consider this collaboration a triumph.

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How did we help?

Research and UX

  • Market Analysis
  • User Behaviour Analysis
  • Interviews
  • Sitemap & Navigation
  • Wireframes


  • Optimised Color Palette
  • Pattern System
  • Architecture Optimisation

User Interface

  • Design Language Development
  • 3x Website Design
  • 3x Design Systems and Guidelines


  • Front-end Development
  • 3x WordPress Websites
  • Quality Assurance

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