Supporting Haystack’s mission to make big companies feel smaller with a new brand, website design, and CMS.

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Los Angeles, US


11 — 50 employees

The client

Haystack is a collaboration platform that keeps organizations connected by providing a centralized hub for knowledge, communication, and people. Through Haystack, organizations can streamline internal communication, accelerate productivity, improve alignment, and empower their workforce.

Haystack partners with modern brands, looking for a way to connect with their employees. Brands that are put together but still appreciate delightful, playful moments. With that in mind, Haystack’s vision is to create beautifully designed software that scales company culture and increases employee retention.

Founded in Los Angeles, Haystack is a team of curious and creative explorers on a mission to make big companies feel smaller.

The challenge

Haystack needed a consistent brand, design language, and a CMS-backed website to scale them into Series A and beyond. Their website lacked depth and striking visuals, so they wanted to amplify their brand visibility and showcase their product in an easily digestible way.

Working with companies with a strong design culture is always challenging, and the Haystack team set the bar pretty high with their work on the product. However, with so many shared values and a similar mission focused on bringing people together, it was an easy decision for BB Agency to jump on this opportunity; and help out.

The solution

We researched, strategized, and designed the new Haystack visual identity, supported by a brand new website with a design system and Webflow integration.

Haystack logo
Haystack logo
Haystack icon
Haystack logo
Haystack logo
Haystack design pattern
Haystack canvas tote bag simulation by BB Agency
Haystack Website design elements
Haystack poster simulation by BB Agency
Haystack design

New visual identity

We started the process by conducting market research to define Haystack’s competitors and target audience, aligning expectations along the way. The initial research helped guide the conceptualization and collaborative approach to develop the new Haystack brand and visual identity.

We aimed to convey their personality through visuals – that’s why we created a clean, simple yet sophisticated, and ownable identity. Haystack team had an idea of an ideal mark from the beginning – that’s why we proposed a solution based on simple geometrical shapes that leverage negative space and evoke the purpose of the platform; creating a shared culture in one place.

We’ve defined a very ownable and expressive colour palette, reflecting our commitment to bringing teams closer together. We used more natural colours, combining light and darker tones to provide depth and maturity to the brand.

We used a simple, geometric yet dynamic sans serif typeface to complement the Haystack platform perfectly and offer flexibility and consistency across all touchpoints.

Haystack market research
Haystack website element
Haystack typeface animation
Haystack poster mockup by BB Agency
Haystack new brand colors
Haystack website elements
Haystack business cards mockups by BB Agency
Haystack Facebook page mockup by BB Agency
Haystack billboard simulation by BB Agency
Haystack social media Instagram mockups by BB Agency
Haystack brand guidelines by BB Agency

New and systemic website

With fantastic clients like NerdWallet, Credit Karma, Honey, Bungalow, MeUndies, the focus was always on fast-growing tech companies, hence the design language needed to balance B2B professionalism with the creativity and boldness of the new Haystack brand.

After we finalized the design language, the Haystack team shared wireframes and copy for the website. Through a series of iterations, we turned wireframes into a clean, bold, and systemic website with a strong focus on showcasing their product as a modern, clean, and design-oriented solution.

Once we finalized the style and designed the first batch of pages, we built the new website using Webflow CMS, thus allowing their marketing team to publish fresh content consistently and quickly.

Haystack website on a laptop screen
Haystack website - various pages
Calendar shown on a phone screen
Haystack website
Haystack design website elements
Haystack website
Haystack website
Haystack website desktop and mobile version
Haystack website on a laptop
Haystack website on a phon screen
Haystack website elements
Haystack design system


The Result.

After four months of collaboration, we successfully launched the new Haystack brand and website integrated into a bespoke Webflow CMS. We’re proud to be part of Haystack’s journey and working closely with Cameron Lindsay and Yvonne Chen to build new ways companies maintain culture and bring people together.

Our services


  • Market research
  • Identity development
  • Brand guidelines

Digital experience

  • Creative direction
  • Website design
  • Design system


  • Front-end development
  • Webflow implementation
  • Quality assurance

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