Increasing conversion rates with a new brand strategy and website for the B2B lead capture platform.

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San Francisco, US

Not venture backed

51 — 100 employees


The client

Justuno is an omnichannel platform that enables digital marketers to engage website visitors, increase conversions and gain customer insights with advanced targeting and robust analytics by building and tracking on-site promotions and campaigns.

With offices in San Francisco and Austin, Justuno is on a mission to provide robust marketing solutions to help convert clicks into customers.

The challenge

Justuno was in dire need of some brand re-focus, visual consistency, and improved user experience. Their current website and CMS weren’t meeting their marketing needs while their product team was preparing to launch a new, more robust platform. It was time to bring the whole identity under one cohesive brand experience.

Our goal was to upgrade the overall look and feel of the website with a focus on more enterprise customers, bring back some creativity and quirkiness to the brand, provide visual consistency, improve core web vitals, emphasize value attribution, and build fast, easy-to-use CMS for their marketing team.

The solution

After extensive market research and data analysis, we’ve defined actionable opportunities to re-focus Justuno towards a more upscale market. We pushed for an identity that is uniquely Justuno, allowing their marketing team to feel more creative and expressive in the process. We’ve introduced a more human-centric approach focusing on personalised onboarding, excellent customer service, clear content, and messaging. The new brand strategy emphasizes human value and specific customer cases to help users pick Justuno rather than its competitors.

We’ve built the new website using WordPress as the primary CMS for its simplicity, modularity, and potential for fast expansion.

Justuno logo
Justuno pattern
Justuno custom patterns
Justuno color palette
Justuno scribbles
Justuno typeface
Justuno target audience

Strategic brand re-focus.

We started the branding process with extensive company review, market research, and competitive benchmarking to inform our strategy development. With a detailed breakdown of the industry, target audience, and Justuno goals, we defined a set of actionable opportunities to help us re-focus Justuno towards a more upscale market.

We simplified our messaging, focused more on customers by adequately communicating the benefits that Justuno offers them, and identified and highlighted our strengths to provide more personality and recognition for long-term success.

The research proceeded to form the basis of the new Justuno identity, as we’ve redesigned everything except their logo. We introduced a new complementary colour system, typography, patterns, visuals, etc. The new identity serves as a strong foundation for a more enterprise-centric and mature Justuno.

Justuno billboard simulation by BB Agency
Justuno website elements
Justuno design elements brochure template
Justuno poster simulation by BB Agency
Justuno website elements
Justuno social media mockups by BB Agency
Justuno billboard simulation by BB Agency
Justuno brand identity overview

Discovery and user experience.

Before we could help Justuno, we needed to understand who is Justuno. We started our discovery process by getting to know the market, the company, and its clients.

Research started by analyzing the market, competitors and identifying Justuno’s current position. We analyzed quantitative information about how people were using the website. This included audience data, retention and referral data, user behavior, and examining standard user flows and conversion points.

We carried out both user and team interviews to better understand why and how people are using Justuno. Insights from the growth, partnerships, customer support teams, and users helped us define target personas. These personas allowed us to better respond to each customer’s different challenges and highlight what Justuno does better than its competitors.

Key Insights 
Based on the research, we defined a series of key insights for Justuno to improve the overall user experience. We redefined the website structure and navigation, pricing model, presentation of product capabilities, and core product message.

Justuno analytics summary
Justuno user behaviour
Justuno interview synthesis
Justuno personas
Justuno wireframes

Going enterprise, but not corporate.

Going enterprise, but not corporate, was our north star as we developed the new visual identity for Justuno. Our target was a slightly more enterprise market; however, we didn’t want to lose touch with smaller businesses.

We wanted to maintain Justuno’s friendly, energetic and quirky personality, so we aimed at a language that thoughtfully manifests their strengths, playfulness, and creativity. One of their core strengths is that they value and care about people, both internally and externally.

We focused on their people-friendly and charming culture by introducing scribbles and patterns to give us that approachable, humanistic aesthetic. We made the layout engaging, simple to navigate, and easy to digest with bite-sized product visuals and features. We pushed for a simpler, concise copy and built trust by emphasizing KPIs, great ratings, reviews, and customer stories.

To balance the expressive and quirky visuals, we’ve structured a consistent and scalable design system that allows Justuno to further grow and develop its brand across all marketing touchpoints.

Justuno visual strategy
Justuno website various pages shown
Justuno website on a laptop screen
Justuno website
Justuno website
Justuno website design elements
Justuno website desktop and mobile versions
Justuno website mobile version

Ready for growth.

Having a consistent, easy-to-use and modular CMS was imperative for Justuno. The marketing team needed a no-code setup that would allow them to produce content rapidly without development support.

The current website was managed through WordPress; however, the rigid setup hindered their SEO ratings, causing usability issues and site errors. We decided to keep everything in WordPress but paired it with a custom-built Gutenberg block editor. That way, we removed all the unnecessary clutter, plugins and improved core web vitals, page speed, and SEO ratings.

Justuno’s marketing team now has a working environment that allows them to publish new content quickly and be more creative and consistent in the process. The new build will enable them to post content efficiently, including articles, ebooks, webinars, case studies, and other page types and layouts.

Justuno website on a computer screen
Justuno website various pages
Justuno website
Justuno website elements
Justuno website elements
Justuno website on a phone
Justuno website
Justuno web design elements
Justuno grids


The Result.

After five months of collaboration, we have successfully launched the new Justuno brand and website experience using a Gutenberg-based WordPress CMS. We have successfully restructured and migrated over 500 web pages to offer consistency and focus to the Justuno brand.

The new identity, visual strategy, website experience, and design system will allow Justuno to target a more upscale market with more confidence. Now they have an identity that is people-friendly, quirky, charming, and uniquely Justuno.

Our services


  • Visual benchmarking
  • Brand guidelines


  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Customer research and data analysis
  • User interviews and user personas
  • User flows and customer journey
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes

Digital experience

  • Marketing website
  • Design system

Digital experience

  • Front-end development
  • WordPress implementation
  • Quality assurance
  • Post-launch improvements

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