Revitalising the website and brand for a premier automated marketing platform.

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Sendlane hero

SaaS, Email marketing

San Diego, US


51 — 200 employees

The client

Sendlane is an email marketing platform based in San Diego. Founded in 2013, the company has grown to a team of more than 50 people and helps a wide range of ecommerce businesses to get more from their email marketing efforts.

The challenge

As with most b2b cloud software tools, email marketing has become very crowded space. Sendlane had been working hard to deeply understand their customers and created a platform that is uniquely suited to both them and the demands of the ever-growing ecommerce space. But whilst their product was hitting all the right notes with their avid users, CEO Jimmy Kim and his marketing team felt that their own brand and website was vastly underselling their powerful offer — so BB Agency came onboard to help.

The solution

We completed a full rebrand for Sendlane, supported by a brand new website with an optimised user experience and CMS integration.

Sendlane logo icon
Sendlane - man and woman sitting and looking at a laptop
Sendlane logo
Sendlane graphic elements
Sendlane canvas tote bag and hoodie simulation by BB Agency
Ads created by Sendlane team
Sendlane Twitter on a phone
Sendlane patterns animation by BB Agency

Visual identity

After extensive competitor research, we identified a color space and developed visual language specifically designed to help Sendlane stand out from the rest of the market, aid visual recall and develop brand awareness. The bright pink envelope mark, lively palette and quirky patterns also evoke Sendlane’s core cultural and values; positivity, passion and diversity.

The new visual identity is underpinned by a system of easy-to-use guidelines that we developed for Sendlane’s marketing team, empowering them to confidently use the brand in their communication to its full effect, without the daily support of an agency.

Sendlane visual identity guidelines
Sendlane graphic elements
Sendlane brand color combinations
Sendlane instagram story mockup
Sendlane design visual
Sendlane core value illustrations
Sendlane letters and business cards mockups by BB Agency

UX audit and research process.

A key component of our work for Sendlane was applying our thorough UX audit and research process. With so much attention on their product, the brand had never before had the chance to apply the same TLC to their website’s user experience.

We reviewed analytical data, defined user personas, enhanced navigation and developed user flows to boost performance for every page of their site.

Sendlane user personas
Sendlane analytics summary
Sendlane user behaviour statistics
Sendlane wireframes

Website and UX development.

Our data-backed research combined with a strong cross-team collaboration ensured we took a more holistic approach to create the new website.

We created over 50 pages and 100 unique visuals to improve communication of product features, and added testimonials and ratings to support the proposition.

Sendlane wanted their new website to be built with Webflow, an editor and CMS they were already familiar with. We developed responsive and easy-to-update sections with components that would pair with playful colors and visuals.

Using the Webflow editor and CMS was a breeze and easy to maintain over the long haul. We’re confident that the client will have no trouble updating and adding new content, pages, and blog articles in the future. The value and benefits that Webflow can offer to customers are great and it’s one of the most important CMS in our canon.

Sendlane website - various pages
Sendlane employees images in creative circles
Sendlane website on a phone screen
Sendlane website on a laptop screen
Sendlane grid
Sendlane website
Sendlane website on a phone screen
Sendlane features animation
Sendlane website on a laptop screen
Sendlane website - various pages
Sendlane website mobile version shown on a mobile phone
Sendlane blog covers animation
Sendlane website desktop and mobile version
Sendlane design elements


The Result.

Within 30 days after the launch, Sendlane experienced an uptick in everything from trial conversions to demo sign-ups, compared to the old website.

We continue to work closely with Sendlane on growing and optimising their website, and are proud to be a part of their journey towards a $100M valuation.


Reduced homepage bounce rate within 30
days of launching the new website.

Our services


  • Visual benchmarking
  • Identity development
  • Brand guidelines

User experience design

  • Creative direction
  • Website design
  • Design system
  • Illustrations
  • Animations


  • Front-end development
  • Webflow CMS
  • Quality assurance
  • Post-launch improvements
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