BB Agency provides a breathtaking new brand and website for HR solutions provider

Case story — by Filip Justic

BB Agency shares the story behind collaborating with Haystack and it’s talented product team.

Haystack website on a laptop

It goes without saying but, if your business doesn’t have a website then you are missing tons of opportunities and clients online. Even though social media platforms have been popping off in the last decade, having your own site is still special. It exudes authority and authenticity that can help in attracting more potential clients to your brand.

At BB Agency, we understand the need to create a great-looking and functioning website. With almost a decade of experience in the market, our team has been able to work and design for the leaders of tech brands and growing businesses to create simple, useful, and scalable digital solutions.

Today, we are looking to highlight one of our latest reviews on Clutch’s platform. An HR solutions provider Haystack has tapped our team in order to create a consistent brand, design language, and a CMS-backed website to scale them into Series A and beyond. Their website lacked depth and striking visuals, so they wanted to amplify their brand visibility and showcase their product in an easily digestible way.

What is Haystack?

Founded in Los Angeles, Haystack is a team of curious and creative explorers on a mission to make big companies feel smaller.

Haystack is a collaboration platform that keeps organizations connected by providing a centralized hub for knowledge, communication, and people.

With Haystack, organizations can streamline internal communication, give employees context and understanding to work together effectively, and manage knowledge platforms in one centralized place – accelerating productivity, improving alignment, and empowering their workforce.

Haystack billboard simulation by BB Agency

How did we help?

We aimed to convey their personality through visuals – that’s why we created a clean, simple yet sophisticated, and ownable identity. Haystack team had an idea of an ideal mark from the beginning – that’s why we proposed a solution based on simple geometrical shapes that leverage negative space and evoke the purpose of the platform; creating a shared culture in one place.

With fantastic clients like NerdWallet, Credit Karma, Honey, Bungalow, MeUndies, the focus was always on fast-growing tech companies, hence the design language needed to balance B2B professionalism with the creativity and boldness of the new Haystack brand.

After we finalized the design language, the Haystack team shared wireframes and copy for the website. Through a series of iterations, we turned wireframes into a clean, bold, and systemic website with a strong focus on showcasing their product as a modern, clean, and design-oriented solution.

When asked about our most impressive traits, here is what the client has to say about us:

BB built a new brand and website experience for Haystack.
The team was a delight! They were open to feedback, quick to respond, and flexible to changes through the process. Through collaboration, they delivered a project we are proud to call ours.
Yvonne Chen - Senior Product Designer at Haystack
Yvonne Chen Product Designer at Haystack
Haystack poster simulation by BB Agency
Haystack website elements
Haystack brand guidelines

The results

After a few months of collaboration, we successfully launched the new Haystack brand and website. We’re extremely proud to be part of Haystack’s journey to build new ways companies maintain culture and bring people together.

Apart from our incredible services, our team is also one of the pioneers in introducing a remote working setup. Learn more about how we incorporate this system in our incredible blog.

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