Enhancing the brand and end-to-end property experience for Europe’s largest prop-tech company.

How did we help:
UX Research Product Innovation Visual Identity Website Design & CMS Mobile App

Partnering for Prop-tech Progress

IMMO Capital stands at the forefront of the prop-tech revolution, leveraging data, tech, and AI to redefine how we perceive residential investments. Following their Series A success, they reached out, not for a mere visual makeover but for a deeper, more meaningful evolution that aligned with their industry standing.

Across two dedicated phases, we worked alongside IMMO to breathe new life into their digital persona. The outcome was a modernised visual identity, custom WordPress site, tailored to empower their marketing team. But our collaboration didn’t end there; we also co-envisioned and brought to life an MVP mobile app aimed at enhancing the tenant experience in Germany.

Revitalizing IMMO’s Digital Footprint

In our quest to refresh IMMO’s presence, we introduced a contemporary visual identity that encompassed a vibrant color palette, refined typography, and a versatile logo. Collaborating closely with IMMO, we anchored our efforts in a content strategy informed by competitor insights and real user data.

This foundation paved the way for a bespoke WordPress site, equipped with custom Gutenberg blocks. The result is an efficient platform where IMMO can effortlessly curate varied content—from landing pages to articles and job listings.

Enhancing the European Tenancy Experience

With our collaborative foundation set, IMMO’s product team shared a vision: a mobile app designed to redefine the rental landscape, initially in Germany. Together, we delved deep, from UX strategy to prototyping, committed to understanding and addressing tenant needs.

The journey began with an enlightening workshop involving IMMO’s product and business teams. Their insights, combined with ours, guided our research and design directions, offering a glimpse into our end-users’ worlds.


From over ten hours of interviews, we distilled invaluable tenant insights that directly shaped our app’s feature list.


SWOT analysis from both strategy and usability standpoint for 12 competitors.

Crafting the Tenancy of Tomorrow

Using our shared research as a compass, our partnership with IMMO bore fruit. We constructed Value Proposition Canvases for individual user personas, crystallizing their needs and desires. A confluence of interviews, user stories, and wireframing birthed a structured app.

With a clickable prototype, we gathered invaluable feedback from IMMO’s clientele. Our collaborative effort yielded an app that seamlessly guides tenants through pre and post move-in phases, enriching their overall experience.

Infusing Brand into User Interaction

Venturing into the UI phase, we faced a challenge—the app didn’t align with an existing IMMO sub-brand. This demanded a unique visual approach that harmonized with IMMO’s essence yet resonated with its users.

Through several style iterations, we tailored IMMO’s brand elements to the app’s target audience, ensuring consistency and familiarity while addressing specific user needs.



IMMO’s record-setting $75 million Series B is the largest for a proptech in Europe.


In two distinct 4-month sprints, we refreshed the visual identity and developed a custom website, followed by a comprehensive research, and mobile app design.

The Results

In our journey with IMMO Capital, we didn’t just deliver projects; we co-authored success stories. Today, IMMO’s reinvigorated brand seamlessly melds with their ethos, while their tenant mobile app stands as testament to innovation meeting real-world needs.

It’s about laying bricks for the future. With the groundwork firmly in place, IMMO’s teams—both marketing and product—now possess the means and momentum to evolve continually. We’re humbled by our shared achievements and look forward to watching IMMO’s continued growth, knowing our partnership played a modest yet meaningful part in their larger narrative.

How did we help?

Discovery and Research

  • Competitor SWOT Analysis
  • Visual Benchmark
  • Usability and Accessibility Review
  • Stakeholder Workshop
  • User Interviews
  • Research Synthesis


  • Communication Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines

User Experience

  • MVP Definition
  • User Persona
  • User Flow
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Sitemap and Informational Architecture
  • Wireframing

Interface Design

  • Style Exploration
  • Website Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Design System


  • Front-end Development
  • CMS Implementation
  • Quality Assurance

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