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Information technology & services

Zagreb, Croatia

51 — 200 employees

The client

DECODE is a mobile app development agency from Croatia that partners with leading software companies across the globe. Currently, they are a team of more than 50 ambitious individuals fired up by shared values, vision, and desire to make great things possible.

BB Agency was more than happy to help create a new visual strategy and build the CMS-backed website for our long-term friends at DECODE.

The challenge

Our primary goal was to solve the black box issue and establish DECODE as a premium software development partner for c-level executives looking to hire a well-structured team for their existing or new products.

One of the biggest challenges was using the website to educate potential partners about DECODE’s offering, team, processes, and achievements and to bring it together using a systemic and scalable design language focused on simplicity of design and ease of use.

The solution

We’ve transformed their existing visual identity and simplified its application on various touchpoints by introducing a new typographic system, reducing the number of colours, and introducing brand elements to tie in the visual storytelling of the new DECODE brand.

We’ve introduced a thoughtfully scalable design language that will allow the DECODE team to maintain the same systemic approach when creating new content, visuals, and web pages.

We’ve structured the module-based website using WordPress CMS with Gutenberg blocks for incredible flexibility and ease of use.

Decode logo on different colored backgrounds
Decode hoodie
Decode Linkedin page shown on a phone
Decode office
Decode office
Decode color palette
Decode brochure template
Decode typeface
Decode typography
Decode employees shown in a creative way in circles
Decode website elements

New visual strategy.

DECODE agency struggled with the so-called “black box” issue where their outlook didn’t match their achievements. Their website was utterly underselling their actual size and capabilities. It was time for an internal refocus. In collaboration with the DECODE team and the talented copywriting duo from Fullstopnewparagraph, we successfully introduced a new visual strategy that establishes DECODE as an expert software development agency.

BB Agency started the process by reviewing the existing brand guidelines and providing simple improvements that don’t require a complete rebrand of the DECODE agency. We’ve kept the original logo and primary colours; everything else was rethought to achieve a premium, established, and consistent look that the DECODE marketing team can further nurture and grow.

Decode website on a laptop screen
Photos of Decode employees
Decode patterns
Decode web details
Decode hoodie from the back
Decode design elements
Decode brand book by BB Agency

Building a scalable website.

To accommodate and improve DECODE’s marketing strategy, we’ve decided to build their new digital home using WordPress as a CMS. We knew that WordPress paired with a custom-built Gutenberg block editor was the perfect solution for a highly dynamic website. It needed to be simple to use yet robust enough to host freshly produced content daily.

When building the setup, we always thought about our primary goals of creating a simple, consistent, timeless, and premium website for our friends at DECODE. They needed a systemic solution that would allow them to keep producing new landers, campaigns, and modules on-brand.

We pushed for a straightforward, modular design language to be maintained across all touchpoints. We introduced clear guidelines on proper sizing, typography pairing, element spacing, and visual balance to maintain consistency.

Decode website on a laptop screen and mobile phone screen
Decode website on a laptop screen and mobile phone screen
Decode website on a phone
Decode website design elements
Decode website on a laptop screen
Decode website, various pages shown
Decode website on a phone screen
Decode website detail on a tablet screen
Decode website
Decode website, various pages
Decode website elements
Decode website - careers page
Decode website elements
Decode design elements
Decode grid system
Decode grid system


The Result.

After 4 months of close collaboration, we successfully launched DECODE’s new website. The fantastic work and input done by both the copywriting and DECODE teams laid down the groundwork upon which we designed and built a cohesive, premium, and scalable agency website.

We’re incredibly proud of the modularity and flexibility of the WordPress CMS environment our development team built. In addition to the website, we’ve defined a simple design system around colours, typography, pairings, modules, spacings, and components. We also helped structure DECODE’s new brand book with detailed brand strategy, messaging, and experience, thus setting up DECODE for rapid growth and expansion.

Our services


  • Visual strategy
  • Brand book

Digital experience

  • Marketing website
  • Design system


  • Front-end develpoment
  • WordPress implementation
  • Quality assurance

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