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Prosperops hero

The client

A tech startup founded in Austin, Texas by a group of technologists and economics geeks who love solving problems and serving customers. ProsperOps combines machine learning with sophisticated financial optimization algorithms to give you fully autonomous RI portfolio management. EC2 Management Platform that helps you achieve AWS savings.


ProsperOps had a vision of the product, how it functions, who it serves and how to get there. What they needed was a little bit of creativity that will help them mould the brand, visual identity and UX design for the website, to break through the noise of the startup world and start building a company around their idea.


We designed ProsperOps’s brand with a new logo, colour scheme, typography and UX design. We also designed and built a new website to market the product. With ProsperOps precisely structured content and layout we focused on bringing it all together and launching the product, thus helping them market and validate their idea.

ProsperOps logo
ProsperOps t-shirt concept by BB Agency
ProsperOps logo drawing and developing
ProsperOps design elements
ProsperOps profile from the side black and purple outline of a man
ProsperOps person profile photo
ProsperOps icon on the phone screen
ProsperOps colors shown in circles
Brand Colors
ProsperOps app on the phone screen
ProsperOps presentation example
Black baseball cap with a white ProsperOps logo
ProsperOps t-shirt concept by BB Agency
ProsperOps font
Neurial font family
ProsperOps visual identity guidelines by BB Agency

Exploring a custom illustration style.

Our aim was to continue the simple design language through illustrations and iconography. Pushing for a more flat style as we convey complex ideas, scenes, and messages. We delivered a modern and colourful illustration style that allows us to easily build sceneries, storylines, and expand in a variety of directions.

ProsperOps illustrations
ProsperOps illustrations
Medium illustrations
ProsperOps illustrations
Small illustrations
ProsperOps illustrations
ProsperOps icons custom

New website.

We decided to integrate a modern, flat and colourful design style that would allow us to elevate the brand, and deliver the messaging in a more user friendly environment. The general idea was to find a visual representation that will stand out in the standardised cloud, network, data industry.

We continued our play with the visual rhythm as the contrast between rounded iconography and playful illustrations is balanced well with hard and slanted edges between sections. Thus depicting a more technology orientated product.

With the help of the ProsperOps team we structured the website to reach both fin-ops and dev-ops and explain how by using ProsperOps their cloud savings will make them prosper.

ProsperOps website
ProsperOps website
ProsperOps website design elements
ProsperOps website
ProsperOps website
ProsperOps website


The Results

We successfully managed to define a new brand, visual identity, illustration style and fully responsive website for the launch of the product.

It was a change of pace for our company to help out a 3 person startup from Texas, but watching the project progress from the initial Google doc, to a functioning website with a defined brand, style and message, was extremely fulfilling.

Even though we’ve never worked for a similar product within the cloud management and finance industry, we managed to infuse a bit of charm and uniqueness to the brand to offer it a recognizable visual identity that will help ProsperOps stand out and break through the noise.

Our services


  • Style exploration
  • Identity development
  • Visual language + Art direction
  • Brand guidelines

Human Experience Design

  • Marketing website
  • Style guide
  • Illustrations


  • Front-end development
  • Quality assurance
AWS logo

“Helping businesses prosper in the cloud — ProsperOps was founded with the mission to simplify and automate the RI lifecycle to give users the savings benefit without the effort.”

— AWS Startups Blog

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