Creating a visual identity and product for FinOps cloud innovator.

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Ternary Homepage

Cloud technology

San Francisco, US


11 — 50 employees


The client

Ternary is the world’s first native FinOps cloud cost optimization tool built for Google Cloud on Google Cloud. Ternary solves the cloud budget challenge by bridging the gap between engineering and finance teams.

Through its SaaS platform, Ternary helps customers visualize their cloud spend across all clouds, provides spend analysis, and offers spend optimization opportunities. These recommendations can then be implemented through spend allocation and workflow collaboration.

The issue

The companies and their competitors rarely address the visual perspective of their products, often neglecting functionality and user experience.

That’s why the folks at Ternary asked us to develop their visual identity and a website and optimize their product from the user’s perspective.

The solution

We rebranded Ternary with a new visual identity that distinguishes them as the new “cool kids” who’re here to change and challenge the industry.

To achieve this, we redefined and optimized the main user flows in the product environment to improve the overall user experience. The introduction of a new design language and system offered a fresh perspective in a visually stale and rigid industry.

Ternary posters mockups by BB Agency
Ternary stickers mockup by BB Agency
Ternary logo icon by BB Agency
Ternary social media mockups by BB Agency
Ternary canvas tote bag and hoodie simulations by BB Agency
Ternary graphic elements by BB Agency
Ternary insights mockup by BB Agency
Ternary LinkedIn profile page mockup by BB Agency
Ternary posters mockups by BB Agency
Ternary visual identity guidelines

The power of coloruful data

The logo symbol represents a simple cloud consisting of an opening pie chart. The unlocked cloud emphasizes both the industry and the services that the Ternary app offers.

Our brand font is Aeonik by CoType Foundry. It features a tall x-height to improve readability and a geometric skeleton with rounded terminals that give our text a rational yet approachable character. While we were thrilled with the font choice for the letters, we reverted to the system font for the numbers to improve readability, using San Francisco on iOS and Roboto on Windows.

Since the product is chart-based, analytical, and precise, we thought it could use a bit of imperfect human touch. So we added a series of strokes, arrows, and scribbles to emphasize the most important aspects of our messages and images, and to balance logic with spontaneity.

The color palette needed to be flexible and integrate multiple colors to meet data visualization needs. We developed a high-contrast system that uses over 20 colors for the charts in the hierarchy and can display up to 500 data points.

Ternary colors
Ternary chart
Ternary charts
Ternary website
Ternary visual on a phone screen
Ternary design elements and a woman and a man standing in front of a wall full of papers
Ternary website shown on a laptop screen
Ternary website
Ternary app concept shown on a phone
Ternary dashboards
Ternary website screens

Here for the user

We wanted to simplify the functionality and overall flow of the product through wireframing. We worked extensively with the Ternary team to improve the user experience and redefine the structure and navigation of two product features:

With the Savings Opportunities feature, Ternary reviews the user’s cloud setup and suggests optimization steps that can significantly reduce costs. Recommendations can be turned into tasks and assigned as tasks, and teams can track activity on those tasks.

Anomaly tracking detects potential errors or significant spikes in data transfer in the cloud or database. Anomaly tracking alerts users when these moments occur, provides a detailed view of anomalies, assigns them, and suggests budget optimizations.

Ternary design elements
Ternary app details show on a phone
Ternary dashboard
Ternary website shown on a laptop screen
Ternary dashboard
Ternary dashboards

The Result.

The folks at Ternary were thrilled with the end result, especially their development team, who could now easily integrate our designs into their development process.

Ternary has grown and gained many new customers after our collaboration. We heard that their customers were happy with the usability and the look and feel of the user interface.

In addition, Ternary successfully raised a seed round of $6.7 million. We’re thrilled that their business is thriving and are happy to have helped them with our UX and design solutions.

How did we help?


  • Competitive benchmark
  • User personas
  • User flows, and navigation
  • Wireframes


  • Market research
  • Identity development
  • Brand guidelines

Digital experience

  • Product direction
  • Website design
  • Design system


  • Website development

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