We craft holistic, people- friendly digital experiences.

BB Agency is a strategic partner for fast-growing tech companies in need of a scalable website with modular CMS, a design system, and future-proof brand identity.

We translate research into solutions, crafting thoughtful and unified brands, apps, websites, interfaces, and systems.

BB agency design and development team meeting.

We partner with design leaders of tech brands and growing businesses to create simple, functional, and scalable digital solutions.

Our global team of researchers, strategists, creatives, and engineers work with streamlined processes to break through organizational roadblocks and shape the brands of tomorrow.

This year we’re celebrating our 10th birthday!

Ten years, wow! What an incredible journey. It’s been a long road, full of ups and downs but also full of fun and inspiration.

BB Agency 10 Years

We are partnering with forward-thinking companies since 2012.

~$250B — Valuation of the companies we’ve been privileged to work with, including Fortune 500 companies, technology SMEs, and funded startups.

We have a 5+ years ongoing partnership with Progressive to help build a quote management system for agents and homeowners.
Working closely with the design team at ThoughtSpot, the big data analytics platform, to research, inform and reinvigorate the product experience.
We’ve helped Sendlane, the marketing automation tool with a refreshed branding, user interface, product, website, and CMS development.
We had an extensive partnership with Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s innovation department to test and publish multiple healthcare apps.
To help BNP Paribas manage their largest clients with more than 150,000 employees, we created concepts and visuals for customer communication solutions in partnership with Sugar CRM.
We’ve helped ShipBob, the $1B valued shipping logistics provider, with a refreshed branding, website, and CMS development.
A partnership where we work closely with Teachable to redesign and reengineer the Teachable experience from top to bottom.
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Antonela Marić - HR Specialist at BB Agency
As we continue to grow our team of remote-natives, we are pleased to share that we have a new addition to our HR Team. Antonela Marić, who is based in Rijeka, Croatia, just joined BB Agency as our new HR Specialist. Antonela, we wish you happy BB journey!
yellow.ai logo
Yellow.ai is a leader in converstional AI, delivering autonomous, human-like experienes for customers and employees to accelerate enterprise growth. We are proud that we had the opportunity to collaborate with Yellow.ai and launch their new website.
Visit the website
Filip Justić holding a lecture at Algebra University College in Zagreb
Our Head of Design, Filip Justić, and UX Team Lead, Adrian Morić, held a lecture at Algebra University College in Zagreb, Croatia. They talked about numerous “full-cycle” projects, giving students a first-hand look at how we function as an agency.
Read about the lecture
Andrea Montini joined BB Agency as the new UI Designer
Andrea Montini just joined BB Agency as our new Senior UI Designer. We are happy to add another creative to our team and we can’t wait to see his work! Andrea is based in Milan, Italy. Welcome to our team of remote-natives Andrea!
BB Agency illustration for their article 10 tips for junior ux designers
Starting any career from scratch has its challenges. Our Junior UX Designer Ivan Lucić wrote an article about his UX journey during the last year – learning about UX from the beginning and working for BB simultaneously. In the article he shared his tips for UX designers starting out. Check out how he described his experience.
Read the article
Denislav Jeliazkov joined BB Agency as the new Senior UI Designer
We are excited to announce that the BB team of remote-natives keeps growing! Denislav Jeliazkov just joined us as our new Senior UI Designer, and we can’t wait to include him in our current and future projects. Denislav is based in Burgas, Bulgaria. Welcome to the team!
Michal Muller joined BB Agency as the new product designer, Michal in the photo
It’s our pleasure to announce another adddition to our Design team – Michal Muller. Michal is based in Liberec, Czechia, and is joining BB Agency as our new Product Designer. We can’t wait to see his creativity on our current and future projects!
BB Agency visual for 10 year of the agency celebration
Wow, 10 years… It’s been a wild ride. As we celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we are also taking this moment to see how far we’ve come and to thank everyone who has been with us along the way. We are so incredibly grateful for our last 10 years and look forward to all the years that are yet to come!
Celebrate with us
Diano Kitanovski
We are happy to announce that Diano Kitanovski joined our agency as our new Senior Brand Designer. Diano is our first co-worker based in Slovenia, and it’s so exciting to see how our international team grows and expands across various countries. Welcome Diano!

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